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23 juillet 2012 @ 09:39





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11 juillet 2012 @ 14:37

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14 mai 2011 @ 19:47
Tallulah has a new makeup done by my friend Lywann, she also received a new wig and new clothes, I took thise opportunity to take pictures with my School A Keith.
She is my favorite SD, I love this doll so much =)

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14 mai 2011 @ 02:41
Today Taupe has received her first wig, so I took pictures of her.
I'm still waiting his eyes, then I will take pictures of her open eyes faceplate
I don't know if she will keep this wig, I plan to make her a small black hood, with two openings to let her ears outside, I think it can be cute :3
Hope you like my little Taupe

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28 avril 2011 @ 00:18

Because I'm in love with her, she is so strange delicate and fascinating...


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14 novembre 2010 @ 17:24

My dear friend Lywann did a new face up to my School A Keith, and made some photos of him with her lovely Eucharie.
The SD17 body is at  my other friend Nyo but Keith is waiting a SDGR so he will continue to be a gorgeous boy  ^^

Here are Lyly's photos:

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